Why do I need a professional photographer?


It’s true that most people have cameras these days and have some experience using them. The importance of hiring a professional photographer comes down to experience, quality of service and creativity. I have experience photographing all sorts of events and portrait sessions. I have run into problems and seamlessly overcome them. When time is of the essence, experience and knowledge of crucial elements are important. My knowledge of the best lighting techniques, backgrounds, angles and overall photo composition is invaluable. I guarantee a quality of service; arriving early; making sure every detail is in order; having a spare camera, batteries, memory cards, lenses and necessary props etc. I offer professional editing and a quick turn around time on photos. Finally, creativity; I will help you achieve your vision! I always have inventive ideas for a photo shoot and love to collaborate!


How long is a photo shoot?


The length of a photo shoot differs depending on what you’re looking for. I work quickly and efficiently, so in most cases an hour to an hour and a half should be able to get all the photos we need (you can check out some different packages offered). If you need more time, it’s not a problem! I will never end a photo shoot until I am confident that there are photos that you will be happy with.


How long after a photo shoot/ event do I receive photos?


This is something that makes me stand out from a lot of other photographers. I am not a patient person when waiting for photos, nor do I expect you to be! I will have your pictures to you as soon as possible. For most shoots, I guarantee your photos within 2 weeks and for most weddings within a month, but in most cases you will get your photos even sooner!


How much does a photo shoot cost?


Please see a variety of different options by clicking here. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact me and we can design a custom shoot and package for you that meets your budget.


How far will you go for an event?


Without an additional cost, I will travel up to 50km from Toronto. Please contact me and I will accommodate further clients at small additional fee. 


Do you do destination weddings?

I most definitely do! If you provide me with the details, I would be happy to give you a custom quote for your destination wedding! There is also a bonus to hiring me for your destination wedding - you will get additional professional photos of the rest of your vacation!